How to make a multilanguage worksheet

Luca Moroni shared this idea 3 years ago
Under Consideration

Recently I've found myself in the situation to contribute a worksheet

(in english) but wanting to make it available also to users of my own

country (Italy).

I've seen that other contributors sometime duplicate their worksheets

(like me) to have them usable to people with different languages.

But duplicating a worksheet could be a real headache, above all if it

should need further refinements or additions.

Anyway I've seen that the translation of the commands and controls can

also be automated internally to the same worksheet. This implies doing some extra-work but solves the problem of having to deal

with multiple versions of the same file when applying "non-linguistic" modifications.

I gladly share this example with the hope that this example can be useful for others.

Some further details on the adopted procedure is included (in multilanguage version) on the same worksheet.

The material is here.


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