How to make a list of texts? (doubts with syntax)

Cecilia Lucía Gigena shared this question 2 years ago
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I am trying to use this to make a list of texts:

Sequence(Text(y(i),(0, y(i)), true, i, A8))

I understand I am doing this: Sequence(Text([this the expression for the text],[this is the expression for the points], true, [name of the variable], [name of the list of points])

This is what I expect:

•Text should be y value of i point (I understand that requires a sort of Boolean value, that's why I specify True later)

•Text should be located in the y axis, that's why I specify point (0, y(i)).

•i are all points within the sequence A8

But it provides an error:

Illegal argument, number y(i)

I have used that argument in another sequence and it had worked:

Zip(Segment((0, y(i)), i), i, A8)

EDIT: I have also tried this:

Zip(Text(y(i),(0, y(i)), true, i), i, A8)

and it provides the same error

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Please post your file - it's not clear what A8 is

Also check these links - you seem to be mixing them up a bit


Secuencia(Texto(y(i), (0,y(i)), true, i, A8))

A8 = Secuencia((k, 15 * 0.56 / 0.6268 - k / (15 / 2 / 12) * 0.56 / 0.6268 * 0.6), k, 0, 15 / 2, 15 / 2 / 12 * 5)

A8 is a list of points

I checked the links again and I found the mistake. I'm gonna post the solution for future reference.

original → Zip(Text(y(i),(0, y(i)), true, i), i, A8)

corrected → Zip(Texto(y(i), (0, y(i)), true), i, A8)

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