How to leave my entry in exponential form

DOS autori shared this question 4 years ago

When I enter number 2^3 and I store it in f(x), it's shown in exact form as I wrote it. The same is for (-2)^3, it also stay that way. But when I input -2^3 it changes to -8. This is correct but I need it to stay with base and exponent. Is there a way to do it?

Here is a link:

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One possibility:

Work in Input-Box with text and convert the thext with "ParseToNumber[ <Number>, <String> ]"

work with number instead of function

use for compare of 2 values "==" instead of "=" (for equations)


OMG! This is complicated work-around! But I understood everything you did. Thank you very much! This will help me with what I need!

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