How to input a point with a defined color on input bar

Thiago Correia shared this question 4 years ago


I'm trying to create sets of points where each set have it's own color, to input all points I'm using the following command on the input bar:

  1. Execute[{"A = (1, 2)"," B = (3, 4)"," C = (5, 6)"}]

but doing this the points generated have the same color, I would like to know if it's possible to define points colors on the input bar, for example, if points A and B are at the same group they should have a color different from point C, something like:

  1. Execute[{"A = (1, 2) Red"," B = (3, 4) Red"," C = (5, 6) Green"}]

Is it possible?

thank you for your time.

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