How to graph inverse function from existing function + find equation of an inverse function

nicoexe1234 shared this question 3 years ago

Is there a command to graph the inverse function of f(x)=2x^6-7x^5+x^3+x^2-2x-2 (seen in attached file - g(x) is f(x) but with a restricted domain)? Also, is there a way to find the equation of the inverse function created? Thanks

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The Invert command can find the equation of the inverse function, and graph it. Please read the wiki about the usability of this command.

You can also draw the inverse of a function by creating its reflection about the y=x line (use the Reflect command, or the Reflect about line tool. )

In any case you need to determine the domain of the given funtion in which it's injective and surjective, therefore invertible, and possibly restrict the domain of the given function using the If command.

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