How to get Tikz of graphs stored on GeoGebraTube

Nick Chura shared this question 5 years ago

I can get a png image of a GeoGebra graph I've created, by going to: number of my content>-thumb.png

I assume these are stored on the web because thumbnail images are displayed when someone visits my GeoGebra page.

Is there a method for getting Tikz code for one of my graphs in this way? Are Tikz versions stored on the web for me to find, simply by supplying the <id number of my content> as above?

[I know that I can download the graph and then export it from the desktop GeoGebra app, but this will be too slow for me. Related: when I do that with the desktop app, there is no noticeable processing time -- the Tikz code displays so quickly that I wonder if it is already stored somewhere.]

Thanks all!

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No, it's not stored anywhere.

You can get it from the browser's console (F12) eg here

by typing

  1. ggbApplet.exportPGF()

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