How to get the content of an input box that is set to Symbolic updated ?

Aritmometer shared this question 2 years ago
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I have a input box that is set to Symbolic.

In a button click script I have used this script:

SetValue[ InputBox, “( (-b) / (2 * a) , (-d) / ( 4 * a) )” ]

NB. None of the letters are defined as variables in GeoGebra.

After this click script have been run, this formula is shown in the input box. But it isn’t shown nicely before someone click in the input box which immediately changes the way the formula is written.

Then I wonder: Can I use a script to update the content of the input box so that it is written nicely just after the click script have run, and if so what script can I use ?

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Please always post your .ggb file


only yesterday I answered that you're wanting to create something very specifif in your own way asking the same thing again and again in multiple threads instead of following the conversation in one thread. Many excellent users already tried to describe what is possible and what not, and maybe their advise was not what you we're looking for.

And here's just 'another' one. Please stop doing so and remain in one conversation or 'new' questions that aren't new at all will be declined.

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