How to find the global minimum of a continuous function on a finite interval?

fbeleznay shared this question 1 year ago

According to the manual, the Min(function, start-value, end-value) only works if there is only one local minimum point in the interval. Can someone please suggest me a way to find the global minimum? I would need a general construction that does not depend on the number of local minimum points and also considers the endpoints.

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I think not possible in general. The number of local minimum can be infinity (sin(1/x)).

you can subdivide the interval in a lot of small intervals, then hope there is one minimum in each small interval.

a specific function could help


Is there a way to create a list from the output of the extremum command?

In theory, there are of course numerical algorithms to find global minimum value. For continuous functions there may be infinitely many local minimum points, but there is a unique minimum value.

I can of course program one of these algorithms in the applet, but I was wondering if there is a quicker (in terms of running time, not creation time) way to do this.

I also have a somewhat controversial comment. Can you please remove the "answered" flag. My question is not answered and others might take a look at it if they see that it is still open.



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