How to embed GeoGebra in a Java program?

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I'm trying to embed GeoGebra in our authoring tool which is based on Java. The goal is to to use geogebra output in the online courses created using our tool.

I have followed the instructions in this link but I am facing some problems, which I need your advice to overcome them.

I am using a JavaFx webview to show geogebra inside it.

Here are my questions:

1. The performance is bad, very slow response, any ideas to improve it ?

2. Our tool is commercial, the main purpose is give to our clients the possibility to embed ggb output in the courses they create in our tool which has an html output. This feature will be free in our tool as soon it is available. Is there any license problem in such usage ?

3. Some activities are blocking the webview and reloading is not fixing the problem.

4. how can I communicate with the geogebra output from my javafx project ? for example, I want to get the html output (as activity) when the client click on export as an activity to embed this code in my final output of the whole course.

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PS. I have some ideas / suggestions for geogebra and I need a contact mail to send them to you.

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