How to efficiently create a stack of Cubes (like Rubik Cube)?

watggb shared this problem 2 years ago
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Like in a Rubik's Cube, we have to create a stack of unit Cubes and I need an efficient way to do it.

I create 1x1x1 3-D cube and then join the corners to mark out the diagonals -- as part of the exercise. That part is OK.

But now I have to repeat this process 27 times to create the 27 cubes and stack them together. It is not easy doing it with mouse.

If there an easy way whereby I create just 1 cube (and give it color and mark its diagonals) using some formula/code, and then replicate it so that I can get a 3x3 stack of unit cubes?

I am very new to Geogebra -- learning as I go and would appreciate any help. Thanks.

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