how to draw part of conic?

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How can I draw part of a conic, such as a parabola? I need to show the parabola only from its vertex to an intersecting line segment.


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It's fine to use a y=... notation to define a conic c, so you can use the conics related tools on it, e.g. V=Vertex[c], but you need to use a functional notation to define a part of that conic.

Let's say your conic is y=3x^2+2x-1

and you want to restrict it to a certain interval, e.g. all its points between the x-coordinate of the previously determined vertex V and the x-coordinate of a previously defined point C.

In the input bar, type

    f(x)=3x^2+2x-1, x(V)<=x<=x(C)

Now hide the "full" conic by clicking on its visibility marble in Algebra view.

Please note that in Algebra view the two curves you just drew are respectively classified as a conic and a function.

This is major difference in GeoGebra: conics and functions have their reserved tools, so, depending on your goals, you will choose the one or the other notation.


Ah, great! Thanks! :D

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