How to create ggt file

cilantro05 shared this question 7 months ago
Needs Answer

I can not figure out how to create a ggt file with a custom tool. Whenever I attempt to save my custom tool from the Manage Tools menu, I get a message telling me that the tool was saved successfully. But where?? There is no trace of a new file, nor was I prompted for a filename.

I get the same behavior whether I run GeoGebra locally or online with a browser, and whether or not I am signed in. Ideally, I would like to save a local copy, without using the cloud. I am running GeoGebra Classic under Ubuntu 18.04. I will try another machine, using a different OS, but I have no trouble saving ggb files (locally), so I doubt that's the problem.

Could someone please post (or point me to) complete directions for how to create ggt files? I can find lots of information about how to load such files, but no explicit instructions for how to create them beyond "use the Manage Tools menu", which is clearly not working. (I've also tried the "share" button in that menu, but can't make heads or tails of the result, which appears to open a completely new shared resource in the cloud.)

Is there some way to extract the ggt information from a saved ggb file?? If there's no quick resolution to this problem, that might be a better option.



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