How to create a tool from a worksheet ?

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How to draw Bezier curves

– Michael Borcherds, Jon Ingram

I want to create several worksheets that contain demos of Bezier curves. Each demo will contain several Bezier curves. Should I copy the entire "How to draw Bezier curves" and paste it into the tool making protocol? How do I reference the authors of the tool. I am a beginner with respect to making tools. I will be making new drawings based upon public drawings that are represented in complexity by the attached drawing of a mushroom. Thank you.

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You can include existing worksheets as they are in a new book of your own. You can make a copy of an existing worksheet as well by selecting this option in the rightuppercorner in the screen.


After making a copy, it's part now of your collection of worksheets, and you can ad it to a book with demos of curves. At the bottom of the screen the name of the makers is shown, even if you modify the file.

If you need some more info about making books, you can find it in a tutorial and .

For the changes in the applets you've got two options. In the online worksheet editor you can edit an applet online in the web app (see tutorial). But if you prefer to work in the desktop version, you can download the file (even so in the rightuppercorner) and later on change the applet in the worksheet by the updated version. I"d choose for one curve in each applet. Navigating in the overview page of the book is more clear than trying to put several things in one applet


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