How to copy the "define" of objects under algebra window in one go?

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I am trying to learn Geogebra and sometimes I examine the .ggb file that other people have created. When I look at the .ggb file, I see a bunch of objects Under the Algebra Window and I have to individually click on them to see what they are doing and sometimes I like to copy the commands which generated these objects. When there are so many objects, it is difficult to examine them one by one. I want to be able to copy the Text that defines all these objects in one go and then paste them into a .txt file and then see what is going on.

For example, I copied the following from one of the .ggb files one by one:

Intersect(zAxis, xAxis)


Cube(A, B, C)

Sequence(Sequence(Sequence(Translate(a, Vector((j, k, l))), j, 0, 2), k, 0, 2), l, 0, 2)


Instead of copy/pasting one by one onto the clipboard, how can I copy all the objects in 1 go? I don't mind if the copy is incomplete, but at least if I can get most of the objects, at least I can make some sense of what commands are being used.


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use view-->construction protocol or crtl+shift+L

then you can export or print it


Exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks much.

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