How to construct Geogebra tools that require certain objects?

Johannes Lieberherr shared this question 10 months ago

I want to construct Geogebra tools, which require the existence of certain predefined objects.

For example: I want to construct the hyperbolic line through two points in the Poincaré disk. The tool should presuppose that the unit circle already exist.

How is that possible?

There must be a solution. For example in there are such tools. Unfortunately I'm not able to do reverse engineering.

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los objetos de entrada de las herramientas deben ser objetos libres y las salidas de las herramientas deben ser descendientes de esos objetos libres

así que crea la linea hiperbolica apartir de los dos puntos pero no uses nunca el nombre del circulo unidad, en su lugar usa circle((0,0),1) todas las veces que sea necesario

la otra cuestion esta contestada en el otro hilo


Thanks! If I understand you correctly there isn't such a possibility. But in the simple case of the Poincaré disk for sure I can always use circle((0,0),1) instead of a predefined object.



you do not understand me

see the in attached. it creates a proyective circle through two points but c is not in the creation of elements. when I need c I type circle((0,0),1) in all cases

Files: foro.ggb

algo más depurado y casi lo que quieres

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