How to change the length of axes

Carlos Roldāo Lopes shared this question 5 months ago

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hay muchas formas. una de ellas es arrastrar el eje mientras pulsas shift

otra es el zoom que ya conocerás

otra el comando ZoomIn( <Min x>, <Min y>, <Max x>, <Max y> )

en los smart phones pon un dedo en cada extremo del eje y ve juntando los dedos despacio


What i mean is the lengt of the axes themselves.

So i only want x axe with numbering between -3 and 7 and axe y between -4 and 4.

As i am very new in using the programme i even dont know were is the comand line.

How can i print the user manual?

Thank you.


the input bar is in menu--->view--->input bar then type in

ZoomIn(-3, -4, 7, 4)

I suppose you use the classic version

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