How to change elements of a list by using a command?

Jelle Torres shared this question 3 years ago

I have a list L = {0,0,0,0}

when i press a button i like to change the first 0 in to a 1

i did try

SetValue[L(1), 1]


L(1) == 1

but this doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have a clue how i can fix this?

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Please try SetValue[L,1,1] to change first element, SetValue[L,5,1] to add element on fifth position.


Thank you that works perfectly


If I have a long list of booleans eg listBool = {a, b, c,,,,z}

where a, b, c are currently false, and I want to change, the 3rd element, c to be true, ie c = true using count = 3,

this won't work in Geogebra script.

  1. count = 3 #count from input or other computation
  2. SetValue[listBool,count,1] #set the 3rd element in listBool to true, where listBool are boolean objects

Help is appreciated. Otherwise I have to do one by one, for example.

  1. SetValue[b, If[count == 2,true,false]
  2. SetValue[c, If[count == 3,true,false]

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