How to bring up split window to type algebraic objects when it is concealed?

antoni.parellada shared this question 1 year ago

I was successfully entering the equations necessary to generate a correlated bivariate Gaussian distribution in Geogebra 3D, and I had to save my work. When I came back to it the column on the right where you can type equations, vectors, curves, surfaces, etc using algebra (I believe it is called CAS) flashed for a second as the app opened, and then went away, and couldn't bring it back up. (see attached image of my screen).

I'm using Windows 10.

Thank you.

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Notice that what I want shows for a split of a second when I open the app with the file in question. I don't need a blank column as when I do a Ctrl+Shift+K, but rather the equations I already typed.


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