How to avoid accidental zooming in GeoGogebra desktop App for MacOS

Stefano Parravicini shared this idea 4 years ago


I would like to suggest a new feature for GeoGebra desktop App for MacOS.

In GG desktop App, zooming is achieved via the scroll wheel, but this is overwhelmingly frustrating if you use Apple Magic Mouse (which is the default mouse sold with all iMacs).

This mouse has no scroll wheel and you scroll up and down by sweeping with your index finger on the mouse surface.

So it is incredibly easy to accidentally zoom in GG, and this is very annoying: you have to work keeping you index finger almost always left.

So it would be very welcomed to introduce an option which allows to zoom using a combination of scroll wheel and a key: for example, "Scroll wheel + Ctrl".

In this way, until you don’t press Ctrl, you don’t zoom even if you allow your index to take some relief and touch the mouse surface…

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Sorry, we won't be adding that

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