How do you use "refresh view" button to provide examples

rayk shared this question 12 years ago

I saw some previously created dyanmic pages that allow one to click on the refresh view button and it provides another example to do. How do you make this happen? I would really like to know as I am a teacher who just discovered this site and am very excited about its applications.


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When you Export a geogebra file (easy to do - simply create the geogebra file then go to file, export and fill in your options) you get a html file. This comes with a refresh button by default which when clicked returns the problem to its original values, not a "new" problem as such.

If you want to create new problems on refresh you will have to make some variables in your problem random. Geogebra has several Random commands which you can look up in help.

Try this:

1. Open Geogebra on the website and in the input bar type

(RandomBetween[0,5], RandomBetween[0,5])

you will get a point with integer valued coordinates between 0 and 5.

2. Go to File, Export.. name the file and save. By default, it saves with a refresh button.

3. Create a new tab in the browser and browse to your saved html file (you will need Java enabled & possibly need to unblock security).

The refresh button is in the top right hand corner of the window. Click it and see your point move.

For more complex problems you may need to randomize several variables, each possibly depending in some way on the others so that your problem makes sense.



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