How do you know the size GGB file (width x length)?

marcway shared this question 1 year ago

Hello everyone,

Please kindly ask me the following question:

1- After making a construction in Geogebra, how do you know the size of this file (width x length)?

Thank you! Marcelo.

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GeoGebra Classic 5: look in the title bar

Other versions: File -> Share -> Save then you can Edit and look in the advanced properties


Dear Michael,

Thanks for your help.

But I ask your guidance on the following question:

1- I am using Geogebra Classic 5.0.514, and the information about the width and length of the file, appears quickly and disappears. With the file open it no longer appears.

Tip: Perhaps a mouse over event could be created so that by hovering over the title bar, Geogebra quickly displayed the file's width and length values. Maybe it would be easier to know this information.

What do you think ?

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