How do you change the axes scales without resizing the images as well?

Anuja Ariyaratne shared this question 3 years ago

I have an image of a graph which i want to fit to the axes scales on geogebra.

Whenever I try to resize the axes with the "move graphics view" tool, the image resizes with the axes, too, and I am unable to fit the image to the axes.

This seems like a pretty basic feature, I've tried so many things but nothing seems to work

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Maybe defining the corner points of the image, and fixing them may help.

Please see


you want do an imagen fixed to screen, I suposseyou can do right click on image and click in absolute position on screen or adjust the position with your A,B points and the relative position is keeped


Maybe this you are looking for

  • for Corner 1 ->A= (0,0) as free point, manually shifted to about (-0.8,-0.8)
  • for Corner 2 ->B= A+(<length x>,0) in your screen-shot about B=A+(14.5, 0)
  • In the picture the properties Position is adjust to: corner1=A and corner2=B

The result is: A is relative to the axis "fixed" but manually movable, the picture is allway horizontal and the length is allway x-units. So you can move or zoom the view but the relation between axis and picture is not changed in units (but when zoomed: changed in pixles)

In other words, the diagram presents itself as if it was created as a GGB function in GGB.

Note: Alternative to B

B=Point(Ray(A+(1,0),A+(2,0))) then the point B you can shift horizontally and the relation between the picture and the axis is not change in units when you move or zoom the view.

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