How do I update my dynamic webpages using version 4.4?

tpgettys shared this question 8 years ago

I got an email from Markus announcing version 4.4, so I installed it. There seems to be a significant bug in it however.

I have a large number of dynamic webpages that are used at my college in various classes. I went to incorporate some requested new features, but when I tried to export the new file to an html it kept showing a dialog for uploading to GeogebraTube.

I am sure this bug must have already been reported, but I didn't see it.

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This is not a bug, it's a new feature.

Please take a look at the Release Notes of v.4.4 and at the Release Announcement for further information.


Feature?!?!?! Please help to understand that. I can't believe such a fundamental functionality would suddenly be removed.

I have a significant time and effort investment in my worksheets, as many of us do. Surely there is a way to continue to update them as needs arise.

To be clear, the menu item still says: "Export Dynamic Worksheet as Webpage (html)". There MUST be a way for me to create and maintain my own page of worksheets, so I just need to know how.


With every new release, there is more complexity (like Ctrl-Shift-M) in the workarounds needed because of these new 'features'.

I have GG 3.2, GG 4.2 and GG 4.4 all 'at hand' on my laptop and I carefully consider what I need most in a particular situation.

F.e. maximal speed, or advanced buttons, or advanced CAS functionality. The needs indicate what version I will use.

More and more I tend to upload to my sites pure Geogebra files since the intended users are easily instructed to install the program.

This approach solves many of the problems discussed in this forum.


Thank you very much for your response. I have to say I am simply crushed that this has happened; I have never experienced the makers of a software product harming their user-base so badly. Was there any sort of explanation or warning ever given?


Thanks for your reply mathmum; I see in the release notes that this was intended so it is not technically a bug (although the export menu text needs to be corrected), but I sure don't see how it could be considered a "feature"! The undermining of the work of a large number of users is unfathomable to me.


I understand your comment and surely at the beginning it's been hard also for me to understand the meaning of such a design choice: but this was due to the fact I was just looking at present. It's hard for me to explain this in a foreign language. But if you look forward, you'll surely understand the benefits of it: first of all the possibility to share teaching and learning materials on almost any platform, and especially tablets and new generation devices which cannot run java, that has itself a lot of compatibility issues that Oracle seems to be not prone, or willing, or able to solve.

I know that sometimes changes are hard to assimilate, but they are necessary to evolve and improve, and make easier the way we teach, learn and share what we learned .

I am sure no one would like to go back to windows 1.0, CGA screen resolution, bbs and 56k modems - just compare the usual protests you heard every time a new os was released: at the beginning the previous os version was always better....

I am rather sure that after a physiological adjustment period we all will fully appreciate these changes :)


About features:

Writing applets intended to be used on a digi board in front of the classroom is now more difficult than ever. When opening a file on GeogebraTube, the display is "adjusted automatically" and optimised to the computer monitor, not to the digiboard. In the past, the "open by double click" was supported which solved the problem. Helas, this good feature was removed. (I still fail to see the technological necessity...)

As an experienced and enthousiast user of Geogebra since 2006, I am now disappointed and frustrated every day by the lack or even total absence of speed, (many applets on GeogebraTube do not load in a proper time in front of a classoom), the massive overkill of unnecessary features (for Highschool) and the lack of flexibility about the output. "Thou shalt publish on GeogebraTube". Setting everything on one single card seems to me a principle mistake.

About assimilating changes:

When mentioning history with lots of changes proving to be improvements at the end, we should not forget to mention that there are also numerous examples of "design choices", "technological improvements" which at the end appeared to be big mistakes. I followed the full road since I learned ALGOL in 1976. Just one example: The protests and complaints of Vista were fully justified. Yes, the previous OS was indeed much better! (Having running now iOS7 for a couple of weeks I have the same experience. Yes, it IS draining your batteries)

The sad truth is that since Java appeared to be a dead end, and since more and more different displays and devices came into play, there is no longer a reliable and really portable general method for publishing applets.

Writing applets intended to be functional on PC but also on iPad's requires an even longer lists of work-a-rounds and "Do's and Dont's"

As a consequence, this forum is now overwhelmed with expert technological questions. There is not much for newbies. It's all about bugs and problems.

Despite all efforts of the developers, I really fear for the future.

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