How do I plot a plane with given equation

Eyrún Embla shared this question 1 week ago

Hi how can I plot a plane in 3D with given the equation 2x+5y-3z=1?

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The answer is as clear as the question. Type the equation 2x+5y-3z=1 in the input bar and the plane will appear in the 3D View.



A couple of extra words after Chris' suggestion.

If your plane has not the z variable in its equation, and if your 3D view is not open, you will see its graphical representation as a line in the Cartesian plane.

So, please open the 3D View before typing an equation of a plane that doesn't contain the z variable, or enter its equation using a "fake" z, that is e.g. 2x + 5y + 0z =1.

There are also commands and tools that allow you to create planes: please see e.g.

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