How do I change the displayed shape of a plane in 3D?

AlphonsoLo shared this question 3 years ago

Strangely, a plane appears as a six-sided polygon. See:

I'd like it to appear as a simple and more elegant-looking parallelogram. How do I accomplish this?

Also, is there a way to draw an outline around the plane? (Yes, I know that a plane stretches everywhere to infinity, but an outline makes the plane more distinct and clearer.)

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You need to deselect "Show Clipping" in the settings of 3D view.

About the outline, you should create a rectangle enclosing the visible part of the plane, but it should be dynamic with respect to panning and zooming of 3D View. This can be quite easily achieved in 2D, not generally possible in 3D.

By deselecting the clipping feature, your plane will look definitely nicer and won't need a rectangle around it (that from a certain point of view goes vs the definition of a plane as an unbounded surface)

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