how can I retain the grid and the gridlines too when clearing all?

vapidshamen shared this question 2 years ago

I start over frequently, yet every time I "clear all" it removes the grid and the gridlines. is there a way to make a default template for a new one? for example, it would be really nice to press "reset to ..." and have it go back to the vesica piscis I started with at the beginning (so I don't have to redraw it every time)

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When you "Clear all" the blank file keeps the same general settings of the latest one, so if it had no grid, this one too has no grid, because you basically deleted all the previous objects.

I'm looping your post to the developers, because the underlying idea is worth a thought. Maybe not exactly the idea of a template, but at least showing the usual axes and grid after selecting "Clear all", since there is no File-New option

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