How can I get all selected objects on scripts?

hzabc shared this question 1 year ago
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I want to get all selected objects on scripts, or get all the points on scripts, how can I do?

Much thanks.

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Please explain overall what you are trying to do


Hi Michael,

Tank you. For some reason we need to bulk processsome objects or its label, for example, rename or set color. So I think it will be useful if we can get all selected objects, or all of some specified kind of objects.

Following is some code but for all objects:

var length = ggbApplet.getObjectNumber();

var i = 0;

var names = new Array();

for (i = 0; i < length; i++) {

names = ggbApplet.getObjectName(i);

ggbApplet.renameObject(names, "prefix" + names)


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