How can I download geogebra classic v6.0.634 ?

Marco Garuffo shared this question 1 year ago

dear Geogebra Team,

I thanks you so much to resolve the Big Bugs of version 6.0.631.0 of 9th March 2021.

You tell me to try new version 6.0.634.

I tried it and it runs good. But I cannot download it!

At now, I can only download the malfunction version 6.0.631.0...

I can use the v6.0.634 only on Web.... Why I cannot download it?

if i cannot use offline the v634, I am in the same troubles as before....

Can I download the Geogebra Classic v6.0.634, at now? Or I have to wait for? if so, how long I should I wait for?


Best Regards,

Marco Garuffo.

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