Ho do you do Shading a region of 3 inequalities

mel hylton shared this question 5 years ago

When putting 3 inequalities on one graph and creating a region I want to shade that region but can't find how to do it. Alternatively shading all the regions I don't want and leaving my region I do want white. Thanks, Mel

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type a command like x+y<2 && -x+3y>3 && y>=1

So separate the different inequalities by AND (&& or the and-symbol selected after clicking on the alpha)



try x+y<2 && -x+3y>3 && y>=1 and properties-->style-->inverse filling


Your comments have been sitting here for 4 years but I have not seen them before.

I have not seen && used before. It will make graphing regions so much easier for me.

Is there any lists of well written commands like this that would make GeoGebra easier to work with?


&& is like ∧

|| is like ∨

!= is like ≠

search shortcuts for keyboard in manual of GG


Thank you, that helps.

I did look at the manual but I did not find a useful list. Not with commands such as you have used above.

Could you please give me a link where I can find a list of these sorts of commands.

I find the teaching, explanation tools of Geogebra very poor.


I did just now find these ones https://wiki.geogebra.org/e...

Maybe that is the best I will get ........

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