Why does it say undefined when I try creating a Histogram?

Nana Weile shared this question 6 years ago

Hi, fellow GeoGebra users!

I have this problem with my version of GeoGebra (GeoGebra 5). I really need to construct a histogram from a list of Class Boundaries and a list and Heights. I have made both lists and do exactly what my teacher, every internet guide and the program tells me to do and select my chosen lists (I have also done it exactly like this once before), but when I press enter to create the Histogram it says: a undefined.

I have spent two hours trying to get it to work and I am at my wit's end. Is there somebody who knows why it say undefined?


PS I have attached my document, so you can see if I have done anything incorrectly (sorry for it all being in Danish).

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Hi Nana, you need that the length of the Boundaries is equal to the length of the Heights more 1 (one tree more than the number of the spaces between them).

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