Help with defining complex numebers using an input box

Elliot Malkin shared this problem 3 years ago
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Hi everyone. My question refers to this resource:

When I created the resource it enabled me to define the complex number z using the input box. But (without any interference on my part) this is now not working.

z can still be defined by dragging it around on the graphics view. So I can drag it to 1 + i for example. But typing 1 + i into the input box now results in an "undefined" complex number.

Typing real numbers into the input box still works.

Does anybody have any idea why this may have broken? Has there been some sort of update to the underlying Geogebra script recently?

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Sorry, that's a bug in the latest version. As a workaround you can

  1. Make the Input Box symbolic
  2. Delete the "i" and type <Alt>i instead


Better workaround: redefine your boolean variable "i"


Thank you! Yes, what a div I am to not notice that "i" defined as a boolean variable. Thanks a lot for looking!

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