Help with creating two fraction circles.

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Hi, i have been trying to use trigo to put two fraction circles with slider-enabled numerators and denominators. Unfortunately i couldn't crack the script for my second set of the circle. The numerator or the denominator will automatically extend back to where the first circle was. The sequence + circular sector script is kinda beyond me =(

I was following this set of instructions from Geogebra:

It seemed so straightforward to many because i had come across so many pages with multiple fraction pies. =/ Really hope i can learn how to create one on my own. Thanks in advance to the experts in here.

Would really appreciate your help.

Thank you. Stay safe too!

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There exist many different possibilities to create a fraction circle

Maybe the attached version is more easy to read and understand for you.

Study in the manual all commands that appear in this applet.

Then study the command List2 with the comment added as image

And then searche the difference between Liste2 and Liste1

If all is clear then search the difference to your first sample.

Note that the numerator cannot be greater than the denominator. This is specified in the definitions in the Slider tab of the Numerator (Max).


In my sample the picture rotate counterclockwise.

Try to change Liste1 and Liste2 so the picture is clockwise.

For this you can use the command Reflect( <Object>, <Line> ).

The <Object> is the current, complete expression/command of Liste1 respectively Liste2

You can/must also use the Points A and B


Specific questions (if possible with an example) and necessarily with the GGB file or the link to it, I will gladly answer.

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