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bjhenders88 shared this question 4 years ago

I began using Geogebra-Desktop several years ago. This year I switched to Geogebra-Web running on a Chromebox. My searches on G-W are not as productive as they were on G-D. One example, on G-D I found Worksheets using the search tags "color picker." Now I do not find those Worksheets. They did exist, and I did download them on G-D. Has the database been reorganized? Has it been partitioned by date? I stopped using G-D when approximately 250,000 materials were counted. Did the database become too large to be searched completely? Did the method of prioritizing the search results change? Are the search lists truncated differently? Does a list of all searchable tags exist? I am hoping to increase my search efficiency. I will appreciate any information that might help me. Thank you.

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The desktop version and web app are using the same search algoithm; the algorithm was changed a couple of months ago. The search includes all public materials and all materials you own / are shared with you. When you enter

color picker

you will get all materials that contain either color or picker. To filter more you can use one of these:

color AND picker

"color picker"

If you don't find the material you want it migh be because the author deleted it or made it private.



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