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jbcools shared this idea 4 years ago


scripts in ggb add wonderful possibilities, even if sometimes it is still a bit unstable.

To help to structure them, maybe it would be interesting to have some of the following propositions

  • a better coloring of scripts (it already helps to see red coloring when a variable is not recognized, thanks for that)
  • an option (or a special view -> editor ?) to find in which scripts a variable/object is used (or a script is run)
  • not only for the scripts : having a tree of the dependances of objects

Maybe these ideas are a bit too "coding" oriented, but it could be interesting in the future.



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Sorry, we don't have any plans for that


Hello everybody.

It is nor infamous, just realistic, to consider the script's editor to be almost of the worst kind (both for ggb-script and JavaScript)

For example, the open source Scintilla text-editor component exists for Java as Jintilla on SourceForge.

Is there any license incompatibility between Geogebra and Jintilla ?

I use Notepad++ for years, Scintilla based, it's API is easy to access and very rich.

Many users would be grateful to be able to use their own "favorite editor" to write JavaScript, and to be able to import/require the js file inside from the auckward Geogebra script editor ! But it seems that you don't plan this either...

At least, an additional button in the area above the script editor could a mean to let the user load some code quickly from a file, instead of the usual copy/paste !

Also, I agree with the idea of a "scripts-manager", or plugins-manager.

For example, I often need to apply specific zooms depending on some conditions of the construction state.

I have written scripts for this purpose, both ggb and javascript, and both need several additional objects in the construction to take action : at least a list to store zooms, and some booleans depending on the usage and version.

And this is not a good thing ! The construction is the construction, additional functional features should be considered as some utility-plugin, and stand in a separate place : some "scripts-manager", or "plugins-manager", standing inside the Geogebra menus.

Same for the @jbcools suggestion of a "tree of the objects dependency", that can be produced from the objects xml with JavaScript.

I had tools of this kind when Jython was still embedded (version 5 beta : 4.7.2 JOGL2), to batch rename objects, make (session)persistent selection groups ... but Jython was a bit heavy (slow) ...

Same for any tool that could be useful to the user : utility scripts handled inside a "plugins-manager" from menus, PLEASE !

Best, Stan


Sorry, I think there is no chance of any of that happening

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