Handling of large numbers and mod( )-function in CAS vs. Algebra-window

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For reference see: https://www.geogebra.org/m/y9m8w9u9

When I define a variable as a very large number e.g. a:=3900000002578039102900 in the CAS window it is simultaneously displayed in the algebra window as "a=3900000002578039000000" (when using GeoGebra 5 classic) or even more confusig as "a=3900000002578038915100" (when using GeoGebra Classic in a browser), which is a bit confusing.

If I try to calculate e.g. mod(a,97) I get a "not defined" error in the algebra window.

Entering the same expression in the CAS-window leads to the correct answer 64.

To make matters worse: When I enter the exact same number as above but via the input bar/algebra window, it automatically gets converted to 3900000002578039000000 (desktop app 5.0) or 3900000002578038915100 (web, 6.0) and if I try to calculate mod(a,97) via the CAS view I get the (incorrect) answer 81.

I assume that mod(a,b) is calculated differently wheter entered in CAS or algebra-window? But why is the number "rounded" when I enter it via the input bar/algebra window in the first place? Is there an upper boud to how large numbers can be handled in algebra vs. CAS and does it differ between the two?

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The Algebra View works to 15 significant figures only

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