greek letters in inputbox

mathmagic shared this problem 4 years ago

I have an inputbox linked with a function

when I am writing and do click for greek letter these are not shown.

these happens in all version I tested except classic.

btw: why an inputbox linked to text has not greek letters?

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Would like to may same request to have inputbox linked to text to have the symbols input (greek letters etc)

as well (for desktop, classic and new app).


Advantage of inputbox linked to text is we can set a textbox with blank using "" and the inputbox can show blank.

Student can input algebraic value and if we need to link to function, we can use ParsetoFunction[functionname,"text"] to update the function.

(Normal method using inputbox linked to function for student input, there must be some expression that appears in the inputbox, which normally I set as 0. But I prefer to leave it blank, or use some default text to explain the input.)



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