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Lee Creighton shared this question 1 year ago

Using Geogebra Classic under macOS "Mojave"

I made a nice drawing of a square involving sliders, interconnected lines, etc. These lines made a smaller square in the center of the larger one.

I've figured out how to use the sliders to generate points in a spreadsheet. I now want to graph those points to show the pattern they make. I see there are a couple of regression options, but I can't figure out how to just make a scatterplot.

I've resubmitted this, since somehow the GeoGebra forum thinks the question was answered, but it was not.

I will admit I got a little confused with all the windows open, each obscuring what could be important parts of the other.

I saw this problem in Ed Moise's Geometry book (it's in every edition, even in his preliminary notes that the SMSG handed out in the 1950s), which asked students to find the area of the inside square when the points were at the midpoints of each side. Trivial with GeoGebra, but with the ratios of the lengths as x and the ratio of the areas as y, I should get a nice rational function that approaches an asymptote (if you see the picture, you'll know what it is). I'd like the kids to figure out what the formula for that rational function is. But they can't do that without a picture of the function itself.

Square in Square found at

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