Graphing compound interest why a function and not y=

Barry Williams shared this question 4 years ago

So I have been looking into graphing compound (calculated yearly) interest in geogebra and I have discovered the function

(x) = P(1+i)^x (where P is principal and i is interest this will graph Final Vale on the Y axis against years on the x.

Why is this not y = P(1+i)^x ?

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you can as use both as wel as e.g. y=2x+3 produces the same graph as f(x)=2x+3.

While graphically the result is the same in GG it produces objects of a different kind on which different commands can be applicated.



Ah I can see this now, originally when I had tried this I had not set the scale correctly and so I did not see the curve. I just got confused when all the responses I came across in my research used a function. Thank you

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