Graph time of day on xAxis

Barry Williams shared this question 4 years ago

Is it possible to change the xAxis numbers to graph the time of the day Numbers from 1am - 12 then 1pm - 12 and onto the next day (or just reset no need for days)

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You can't change them that way, but you can hide them and create you own axis numbers with the Text command:

Text( <Object>, <Point> ).

- Create a list with the texts "1am" ...

- Create a list with points on the xAxis where you want to put the texts. With some trying you can correct the points since e.g. (5-0.25, -0.3) will put a text under the axis and centrilize it with the grid.

- Use the sequence command Sequence(Text(lijst_1(n), lijst_2(n)), n, 1, 24) to put the texts on the desired places.


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