Graph Theory: Repository of graphs to be exported in TikZ

Eric Pite shared this question 3 years ago


Is there a "bank" or repository of graphs, like many of the ones used in available as .ggb files?

I would like to then to export them as TikZ graphics.

Alternatively, how to get .ggb files from the link above?

Thank you

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That is a GeoGebra Book, i.e. a collection of activities.

You can download the Book for offline use by selecting Details in the top right burger menu (the 3 stacked dots). The download page will open. Accept the GeoGebra license, then select the type of download you prefer.

Same if you want to download the files separately. Burger menu-> Details -> Download.


If you want to find more graphs activities, type graphs in the search bar at


Thank you Simona, this is helpful. I wish Graph did not return as many function graphs.

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