Grammatical error in the Slovak version of GeoGebra

jakub753 shared this question 4 years ago
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On the Slovak version of I have found a grammatical mistake. On the top right corner, there is a link for downloading GeoGebra. This is translated in a wrong way. Instead of "Stiahnúť", there should be "Stiahnuť". I know that it is just a small unimportant thing, but if there is some possibility of correcting it, I would be happy.

I hope this error will be fixed soon.

Thank you.

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Do these all need changing?

Stiahnúť ako .ggb súbor	
Čo chcete stiahnúť?	
Môžete stiahnúť samotný .ggb súbor alebo celú stránku vrátane zadania pre študentov.	
Stiahnúť GeoGebra nástroj

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