Google sites with GeoGebra Materials embedded - Invalid Gadget

Broderelg shared this problem 5 years ago
Not a Problem

Sometime last week I was contacted by teachers using our online GeoGebra courses for pupils. They alle told me, the gadgets embedded on the site wasn't working.

After looking into it, I found that a lot of my embedded files had stopped working while many others still worked. I can't figure out a pattern in the bugged ones.

Here are two examples from the same site.

First here is broken:

On this page of the site the embedded gadget works:

I've embedded them from their web address in Google Sites and they all worked until last week.

I can fix it by embedding them using the HTML code instead of the Google Sites code when sharing.

Regards Bo

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This one loads OK for me:

What do you have in the browser's console (F12)? Have you tried clearing the cache?


They work in my end too! I'm clueless.

Here is a screenshot of how it looked on another website last week. It looked the same this morning in the first link too. Weird.

Well problem seem to be solved then :)


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