GMail is now blocking .ggb files

cgimene1 shared this question 6 years ago

By now, if you try to send a GeoGebra file as an attached .ggb file you receive a virus alert from the system and your message is rejected . . .

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If you want to share ggb files, the best way is to upload them to and share the link (you may set visibility to "shared with link" so that only the recipient can open it).

There is not much GeoGebra can do about the heuristics for virus detection in GMail or other email clients.


Hi Zbynek

I agree with you that sharing applets via is the best way . . . but, must be the only one?

I wonder if GeoGebra can ask GooGle about reevaluating .ggb files . . .


We've identified the problem - it seems to be a bug in ClamAV (so not Google's bug)

If you have trouble attaching a .ggb file, please upload it here:

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