GGBApplet read-only?

Ahti Kelder shared this question 10 months ago

GeoGebra is embedded into the web system (according to )

Students can work with GeoGebra and the system saves the state.

Later we will show the same state for teacher for evaluation. Teacher should not have an impression that he is able to modify student's work. How to make GGBApplet display read-only (static)?

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* hide toolbar

* hide algebra view

* fix all objects


pienso que la capacidad de compartir de GG es deseable pero creo que debe haber unos limites

si yo creo una actividad y la comparto sin barra de menu, herramientas, clic derecho, etc parece que es lo suficientemente protegido de ingerencias por parte del alumnado; pero a éste le basta hacer clic en menu--->open in app y el alumno podrá saber sin mucho trabajo como está construido el applet que le hace las preguntas

pienso que la opcion "open in app" debe ser posible solo cuando se trate de un applet propio y no de otro usuario

o al menos tener una opcion que decida si es posible o no posible abrir un applet con la aplicacion


Thanks for responses. Toolbar and algebra view could be hided, but how to fix all objects? Student may have added many objects. I need universal solution that could make any student's work fixed. I would expect GeoGebra to have some single argument like 'disabled: true' to make it simple.

mathmagic - we are facing another problem.


Please see

To fix all the objects of the same tipe, click on the header specyfing the type of object in Algebra View (e.g. ‘Point’) to select them all, then right click on the selection, select Properties, then Fix Objects.

Or just click the icon shaped as a lock in the Style bar

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