GGB5.x Inputbox udate event not fired

hawe shared this problem 2 years ago


revised LPP0.ggb from



holds an update javascript (alert)

after change of input list update event not fired

has no Script-Tab

only after a second change the update scripts of inputbox and linked variable Constraints was triggered - ggb6 is working fine

Any idea?

BTW: what about the alert-box 6.x - how to interact with it?

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I have started a new approach and run into same problem

InputBox1, InputBox(Constraints) and updatescript Constraints

- after first change InputBox1,NB, update script Constraints not triggered AND can not move sliders with mouse

- no script tab in properties of Constraints

- second change triggers update script AND mouse can move sliders

move script Constraints to InputBox1 has no effect

edit: seems setting Symbolic flag returns to common update events?

Files: LP.ggb

I think I have the problem isolated.

If a varaible, see slider a, is used in an inputbox it makes the issue in 5.x but not in 6.x - switching to Symbolic also seems to force to common business of event handling.

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