GG4 Polar Graphing (Grid)

acron shared this idea 8 years ago

I like the fact that in Polar Graphing that there are options for the angle in radians from PI/12 through PI/2. I would like to see similar divisions in degrees (eventually). Yes, I know that these division convert easily in my mind. But the use of degree settings will expand the group that can use polar graphing easily.

Also, I would like to eventually see an optional input value setting in radians or degrees.


[size=85]PS: Could the radian divisions used by polar graphing be extended to the Cartesian and Isometric Grids?[/size]

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I just noticed that when using the Polar Grid, when you change the Algebra View to Polar Coordinates (should be default display when using a Polar Grid), writes the polar coordinate in degree mode at an intersection of grid lines. This seems to be an inconsistency in format. I like it, but ...

It would seem more reasonable to have everything in radians or in degrees, not mixed. An option to display in either mode should be available.

I hope that this was on the To Do list.



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