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MikeMay shared this idea 15 years ago

I have been playing with javascript for getting information in and out of applets. To stay in the context of an example, see

It would be nice to have an interface where a text box can be used to pull data from an applet or feed it back to the applet. (Then buttons can be set up along the lines of retrieve data and update data.) This allows a set-up where the user can change some things and reset.

The closest method seems to be the getValueString. The result includes the name of the object. That is likely to cause pronblems if used the other way since students may change the name or leave it off. Can we have a method that consistently retrieves the right hand side of the ValueString, for points and functions.

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I understand and will add something like

    String getRHSValueString(String label)

    void setRHSValueString(String label, String value)

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