Geopath (path with minimal distance between two points "along" surface curvaure)

Arey shared this idea 2 years ago

Hello, guys.

Requesting the feature: geoPath between two Points on Surface (wit minimal geodistance)

In the form of:

- Defining Point1 on top of SurfaceA

- Defining Point2 on top of the SurfaceA

Getting the Path with respect (along) the Surface A with minimal geo distance (taking into account curvature of this surface) between Point 1 and Point 2

- Path: anything that could be used further. It might be the list of the points (or better say the list of the segments) with some control/criteria over the precision (number of points, for example).

Visualization of the Path. And the calculated value of the Geodistance of this path.

Maybe there will be a possibility to implement such a complicated feature.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, it's very unlikely we'll be able to add this

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