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I think I have been able to insert Geogebra5-files into a Lyx document.

Now, I can't even insert Geogebra 4 - files into Lyx.

What is wrong?

Is there something I have to change in Lyx?

Could it be because I have changed from Java Icedtea to Sun Java 7 .

I am using UBUNTU Linux 11.04.

Lyx is version 2.0.0.

Geogebra 4 is with Java 1.7.0_03.

Geogebra 5 is with Java 1.7.0_03.

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Hi, can you tell us more.

How have you inserted a ggb file in a lyx file ? as a picture with the export LaTeX : PSTricx or a PGF/TikZ ? as an applet in a page web exported ?



You answer my question with a question. :)

I can still do it with some .ggb-files; even 3D. But not all files!

I do not export. I just use "Insert->Graphics" and select the .ggb-file I want.


Thanks for your answer at your question ;)

I've tried and I see, actually, a picture but this picture is only a file like

geogebra_thumbnail.png which is within the file.ggb (chich is only a zip) when you save the file.ggb, geogebra_thumbnail.png is, with a very bad resolution, the copy of the screen of the graph 'or 3D view for 5.0 with better resolution). You can see too, the first picture in the file.ggb if there exist another.

I can do it with files 3.2, 4.0 and 5.0

For your question, if now you can't use insert graph file.ggb, then unzip the file.ggb, and try to insert the picture.png inside to see if the problem is to unzip automatically or to read a picture.png

Michel, with Ubuntu 11.10 for this week...(untill 12.04)


Thank you miir

I see what you mean. :)

It seems unable to unzip automatically. But the .png is working ok.

You seem to have better ways to do my job. If you know Lyx, - how would You use Geogebra in Lyx :question:

Export - Import :question:

as what :question:


Hi, I've installed Lyx for the first time to answer to you, but I use usualy TexMaker in which PsTricks is easy to insert.

For Lyx, import PsTrickx seems not easy.

I think, except the 3d window, the best to do is :

insert in a minipage a graphics selected from ggb with the mouse, Edit>Graphics View to clipboard Ctrl+Shift+C and paste in the minipage by Ctrl+V, the picrture is saved too in a .png file.


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