GeoGebraTube uses 3D-view for 2D-worksheet

Birgit Lachner shared this idea 8 years ago


In my preview, the correct grafic view is shown

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It seems to be a problem with the .ggb files - does turning on Graphics View 1 and turning off 3D Graphics then changing the file help?


But I uploaded the file month ago! And it was working for a longer time ...

You are right. 3D view was selected to be shown ... after downloading, changing the shown views and uploading it again, it is okay again.

But I did not change anything over the last weeks/months, May it is a problem, because the file was much older that the date I uploaded it to GeoGebraTube? I had the file somewhere as HTML-File Worksheet. Downloaded it to my computer, corrected the problems with the text and then uploaded it to GeoGebraTube.

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